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Rent a venue for a fashion show in Hong Kong

Are you organizing a fashion show for your brand or one of your clients? Hong Kong is full of unusual and exceptional venues for your corporate events. A rooftop or a barge for a breathtaking view of Hong Kong. A pavilion for a hushed, upscale setting. A loft, lounge bar or restaurant for a convivial atmosphere. A club for an electrifying finish. An open-air venue for breathtaking panoramas. A hotel or palace for a memorable event. A pop-up store or gallery for a modern setting... We've selected the best event venues in Hong Kong for your fashion show! From 50 to 1,500 guests, you're bound to find the venue of your dreams, whether you opt for full rental or partial privatization.


Atypical fashion show venues: lofts, rooftops, barges, clubs...

Whatever venue you choose for your fashion show, think in terms of objectives and ambience: a cellar for a gloomy atmosphere, a rooftop or a barge for an unobstructed view of the capital, a château or a salon for a luxury setting that will make a lasting impression... Capacity is also important: 100, 200, 1000 guests... Don't forget that venues with a capacity of 1,000 people are often the result of multiple spaces coming together. So you may wish to privatize only a part of them, if you really fall in love with them! Finally, think carefully about the theme of your event. Each venue has its own decor. It can play an important role in the success of your event.

Conference Venues Hong Kong
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